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The Alkaline Solution - What does your body's pH effect your health?

With todays busy lifestyle and nutrient defficient foods, many of us have an acidic body which leads to inflammation, pain and disease.

Naturopath Karolyn Zinetti highlights the dramatic effect pH regulation has on your stress response, energy, digestion, toxicity and overall health.

We will measure your bodys pH levels.

What are the symptoms of an acidic body?

What is in your drinking water? We will test water for toxins, acidity, and oxidation levels. 

What foods are acidic or alkaline?

What are the benefits of an Alkaline diet?

How does toxicity effect your digestion, liver, kidneys and overall health?

How does your pH effect your bodys stress hormonal regulation response?

What mineral supplements and superfoods can I take to alkalise my body and reduce inflamation? 

What lifestyle habits reduce stress and inflamation?

All attendees with recieve an alkalysing nutrition guide and meal plan for you to take home and implement to reduce inflammation and improve your energy and vitality!

Seats are limited so book your seat TODAY and invite friends that will benefit from ABUNDANT health.

Prizes include a FREE Naturopath consultation with Karolyn

All attendees will recieve 20% off Naturopathy consults booked on the day.