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Welcome, I'm your host Karolyn Zinetti, naturopath and wellness leader. My intention is to build a supportive and uplifting tribe, to cultivate the passion inside of you, to conquer your fears and minimise your self doubt. To inspire you to live with limitless courage, connection, and contribution. 

Each episode we meet international thought leaders in wellness and personal development. Experts in self love, relationships, mindset, meditation, movement, health, wealth, entrepreneurship and more. We share their journey from "adversity to victory"  their daily habits, health and success secrets.  To accelerate your growth, activate your true potential, and empower you to live the life you LOVE!

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Have an amazing day! 

Karolyn Zinetti 


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High Vibe Tribe Podcast Episode 000


Karolyn Zinetti - High Vibe Tribe Creator.

In this episode I share my vision for the podcast and my journey.

As Howard Thurman says "Dont ask yourself what the world needs, Ask what makes you come alive, and go get it. Because thats what the world needs. More people who come ALIVE!"

I believe we all have unique gifts and a powerful msg to share with the world and the best way to inspire others is to lead by example. I created this podcast to give people a voice and amplify their powerful msg as well as my own. I'm sharing these stories to remind you that no matter what your circumstances or what you've been through, you CAN achieve your hearts desires. These interviews light me up and make me feel alive!

3 key values discussed are Courage, Connection and Contribution. 

My passion for adventure and travel, living 7 years overseas in London and Dubai. My passion for wellness that lead me to study naturopathy and health science and attend many events in personal development. How entrepreneurship taught me to to choose faith over fear! My fave quote "whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." Napoleon Hill.

High Vibe Tribe - Surround yourself with people that lift you higher and support your growth. A community where we can learn laugh and grow together.

The Demartini Values determination assessment is at www.drdemartini.com

The charity in bangladesh to fund children's education WWW.MARIACHRISTINA.ORG

A Charity I support is KIVA.ORG An international non for profit, with a mission to CONNECT people through lending to alleviate poverty. This creates opportunities for others and a ripple effect that can shape the future of a family or community.

WWW.FREETOSHINE.ORG Support this amazing cause to prevent sex trafficing, and create access to education, filtered water food and shelter.

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High Vibe Tribe Podcast Episode 01


Tom Cronin - The Stillness Project

Tom is on a mission. He has an unwavering commitment to reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives, cultivating peace, calm and shared abundance across the globe, and assisting in the planetary shift that is already taking place. Using multiple streams from film, online, retreats, blogs, books, and personal mentoring, he hopes to inspire 1 billion people to sit in Stillness daily and connect with their inner Being and transcending the barriers of separation.

In this episode we discuss:

Tom shares his leap of faith, leaving his career as a stock broker to international meditation leader. The power of looking within. How to overcome anxiety and depression. What is meditation? How often should we meditate for optimal results? The polarity of social media, for unification. Tom shares his morning rituals, how to raise your vibration and his top tips to reduce stress and much more.




High Vibe Tribe Podcast Episode 02


Yasmin Darwish - Kinesiologist

Kinesiology helps you love yourself, value and understand your self worth and feel confident about making clear decisions. It helps you embark on a journey of empowerment and growth with the confidence, energy and ability to achieve your goals.

In this episode we discuss:

Yasmin and I used to work for Emirates airline together and we have a lot of fun sharing our experience. As emirates cabin crew we learnt the importance of putting your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Saying no to others when it means saying YES to yourself.  Yasmin shares how kinesiology helped relieve anxiety and create confidence to start her new career. Yasmin shares her daily rituals and how to raise your self worth and self belief. How to let go of attachment and the approval of others. How to ditch perfectionism and your limiting beliefs. The benefits of gratitude, EFT, visualisation, and inspired action.


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High Vibe Tribe Podcast 03

Damian Kristof - Chiropractor and Naturopath

Damian Kristof has over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry, his in-depth knowledge of the body, nervous system, food functions and responses and fun, friendly presentation style make him an unforgettable speaker. He offers chiropractic at his melbourne based vida lifestyles clinic and hosts "the wellness guys" podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

What are the 3 keys to longevity? What are the 5 love languages? How do we manage our stress response? Why is hydration and filtering water so important? When is the best time to enjoy coffee? Energy is everything, you attract what you are. Top tips to reduce jet lag. Importance of living to your highest values for optimal health. The power of community, and so much more.


The best breakfast here, I love Damian's paleo forage. www.foragecereal.com

You can discover your love language here www.5lovelanguages.com

The antioxidant rich water I detailed here www.kangenwaterperth.com

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High Vibe Tribe Podcast Episode 04

Stephanie Hendel - Body built by LOVE

Happiness and health starts from WITHIN! Fall in love with yourself, appreciate your body, focus on what's right instead of what's wrong and watch the weight fall off. 

Steph Hendel is a certified health coach and personal trainer, mindset and emotional breakthrough expert and speaker. Steph works specifically with women who have done diet and fitness programs and either haven’t gotten results or haven’t been able to maintain their results. 

In this episode we discuss:

Steph shares her journey from depression and overweight to living in true alignment, health and happiness. How mindset and emotions effect your weight. What is real, raw, radical honesty? Keys to a thriving relationship. Her transformational retreat style wedding. How to step into your power and discover your limitless potential. Her fave healthy meals, and so much more.



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High Vibe Tribe Episode 05

Brett Robbo - Your life of IMPACT

Brett’s helps all humans, not just High Performance Coaches and athletes, tap into their inner excellence and be the best versions of themselves. Some of Brett’s greatest strengths are his beliefs, empathy, emotional intelligence and genuine ability to relate and communicate with all humans. 

In this episode we discuss:

Brett shares his journey, how losing his grandparents effected his life. Understanding your vision, values, mission. What coaching paralympic athletes to achieve olympic gold medals taught him about mental resilience. 

Brett shares his daily rituals. Priming: gratitude, breathing, meditation, mantras, visualisation, movement...  

Importance of asking yourself quality questions, stay in your lane and trust the timeing of your life. Knowledge is power when applied- take action then we can make an impact and change the world! The power of accountability and a mentor to move towards your goals and vision. The power of alligning with your core values and purpose. 

To work with Brett as a mentor or hear his epic podcast: www.yourlifeofimpact.com

Quotes:  Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. - Tony Robbins

The secret to living is giving - Tony Robbins

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High Vibe Tribe Episode 06

Tess Alexa - Emotional Mindset Coach

Choosing Love over Fear through Trust

She shares her powerful journey, how losing her mum at 10 years of age effected her, and igniting her passion to understand mental health, psychology and how your emotions effect your physical health.

We discuss the brain- heart- gut connection.

How to embody self love, trust your intuition, let go of attachment and surrender.



The importance of TRUST to transform FEAR into LOVE! 

How to manifest an amazing lover and life partner.

Tess shares her daily rituals, mantra, movement and meditation..

And so much more!

Join the fear dissolving, courage promoting movement here.



High Vibe Tribe Episode 07



Eddie Enever - Cancer Coach, Naturopath and Mindfulness Meditation Leader. 

He shares his powerful journey how we survived cancer 3 times. 

How he healed himself through gratitude, meditation and self care.

We discuss how to manage your stress response.

How mindset, movement, nutrition, movement, sleep and environment impact your health.

The benefits of LOOKING WITHIN and self reflection.

Eddie shares his daily rituals and much much more.

To connect with Eddie for Cancer coaching, Naturopathy, Retreats, Mindfulness Meditation Workshops and more go to: 


 To save $50 on Eddies amazing mindfulness meditation retreat enter KZ1117


High Vibe Tribe Episode 08

Carly Evans - Change and Trauma Coach, Reiki Master Teacher.

Carly shares her journey from depression, to studying psychology and working with people through suicide prevention and trauma.

She recommends asking the question what can I do to feel better in this moment and do that. Then tools like EFT, Reiki, Breathe, Nature, Ocean etc

The importance of feeling through emotions not bypassing or numbing them.  

How social media can lead to disconnection, encourage you to see family and friends in person swell as online. 

How to raise your self worth, self belief, self love. Fill your cup up first before helping others. 

Carly shares her morning rituals, water, meditation, exercise, chaga mushroom coffee, EFT and more.

The power of decluttering your environment to create space.

Proximity is power. Surround yourself with people that lift you higher.

"We are always being taken to the next level of incompetence." 



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High Vibe Tribe Episode 09


Steve Smith - BCN Health, Author, Researcher and Educator.

BCN health specialises in supplements to support holistic mental and physical wellbeing.

We discuss the cause of stress: mental, emotional, environmental and physical. The role of the gut in serotonin production. The effect cortisol has on adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, and anxiety. How to move stubborn weight around your belly.

How to optimise your SLEEP.

Steve shares his research on how to boost your testosterone www.boostyourlowtestosterone.com

The importance of treating the underlying cause of disease not just the symptoms.

How inflammation is the cause of all disease. The health benefits of turmeric to prevent illness and treat pain.

Upgrade your lifestyle habits to optimise your health and energy.  

Steve shares his daily rituals, smoothie recipes, nutrition recommendations and more.

To try the amazing supplements from BCN HEALTH click the website below.


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High vibe Tribe Episode 10

Tenielle Bentley - Digital Consciousness and Sound Frequency Alchemist.

Tenille Bentley is an internationally award winning transformative speaker, educator, sound frequency alchemist as well as an author of two thought provoking books “Digital Consciousness and Emotional literacy for kids.”

Tennille shares her powerful journey.

How we can BE more over DO more. We can achieve more when we make time to practice self care. The power of saying no when business doesn't align with your values. 

We discuss, What is Digital Consciousness? How we can be mindful of the relationship we have with social media. Deep connection comes from within not externally.

How does EMF and WIFI effect our sleep and health. We discuss action steps to limit time on devices and be more present. 

Tennille shares the benefits if sound therapy including: DNA repair, calmness, deep inner peace, clarity of mind, improved sleep and more.

How we can show ourselves unconditional love. Speak your TRUTH, Be true to you, be loyal to you.

Tennille shares her perspective on daily rituals and much more. 

Fave quote: The meaning of life is to find your GIFT, the purpose of life is to give it away. Pablo Picasso 

To connect with tenielle, to purchase her NEW digital consciousness book, and attend her sound therapy workshops go to



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High Vibe Tribe Podcast Episode 11

Leigh Bundy - Beast Mode International. NLP, Success Strategist.

After founding Beast Mode International in 2013, Leigh now works closely with men and woman unlocking their greatness and correcting their internal energetic polarity balance and shifts, by helping them discover and create the correct and most empowering identity for them to achieve and manifest their desired outcomes.

Leigh shares his powerful journey, he is real raw and relatable, how he was suicidal, marriage and financial breakdown to breakthrough. Leigh now runs transformational retreats and coaches many people to support their mental health.

We discuss keys to a winning relationship. Masculine and feminine polarity. 

Success priming morning rituals to upgrade all areas of your life.

Health, Wealth (freedom, time, choice, power and growth.) Contribution, Legacy (team environment), Self love, Passion and Purpose, Relationships.

Our Beliefs, Thoughts, Words, Actions, Create our reality. 

How to smash through limiting beliefs and overcome fear. 

Train hard so you can fight easy.

Be your True Authentic Self. Know who you really are. Stand in your power! 


Favourite book: Millionaire mindset T Harv Ecker

Join his restart your life RETREAT in Bali January 29th - February 3rd 2018


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High Vibe Tribe Podcast Episode 12

Mike Sherbakov - The Greatness Foundation

Mike shares his powerful journey from a US Marine, to studying psychology, nutrition, yoga, meditation. He is an ambassador for lululemon, fitbit, is a social entrepreneur and founder of greatness media. 

This is my favourite episode yet! Mike is an incredible human and a true inspiration. He lives and breathes adventure and contribution!

Mike shares how to find your purpose and live to your highest potential. 

Mike shares how we can choose greatness daily and the key to contribution.

The greatness foundation believe if you want to change the world... change starts from within! Through education and empowerment they have helped build schools, homes and transform lives worldwide. Their philosophy is: 


To join Mike and the Greatness Foundation team at their retreat in Bali in April or attend their house builds in mexico go to www.thegreatnessfoundation.com :) 

Mike shares his daily rituals, the power of gratitude, and so much more.

Fave Quote: Your actions speak so loudly I can't hear what you say.



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High Vibe Tribe Podcast Episode 13


Craig Harper - Peak Perfromance Coach